(Visual Effects Supervisor / Writer)

Owner of tsp., Todd Sheridan Perry also serves as its primary VFX Supervisor.

Perry is a traditionally trained artist as well as both a traditional and digital animator. His diverse background in video games, film and television has led him to play key roles in such digital projects as FOX’s Freakylinks and American Zoetrope’s Jeepers Creepers. Oh yeah…and Built–D Media’s Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon – a jovial romp through the Day of Infamy.

Currently, he is a Technical Director for New Line Cinema’s Lord of the Rings: Two Towers in New Zealand. He recently wrapped an animated pitch piece for a new ABC Family pilot Funky and Groovey and supervised the season’s final episodes of Even Stevens for Disney.

Perry’s opinions and beta test feedback have been utilized in programs such as SideFX’s Houdini, Alias/Wavefront’s Maya as well as Discreet/Kinetix 3D Studio MAX 4 and numerous plugins. He also shares his knowledge through technical articles and review for the DMN Community.

Before forming tsp, Perry worked at Vortex Media Arts, Studio Productions, and Sony Pictures Imageworks, Weta Digital. Hammerhead Porductions, and co-owned Max Ink Cafe. Currently he is in Vancouver supervising with Prime Focus.

He received his BFA at Pacific Lutheran University with an emphasis in 2–dimensional media, which included illustration, painting, photography and digital media, supplemented by training in character animation at Tennyson Ani– Works and optical FX at Alpha Cine